Mobile 3-Axis Video Stabilizer

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1. Innovative Handwheel for Real-Time Precise Control of Both the Camera and Stabilizer. Including Exposure Compensation, ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed and Focusing.

2. 5th Institute Algorithmic System, Unprecedented Max. 260g Payload, 40% Increase in Motor Torque and 35% Improvement in Respond Speed Compared to Smooth-II.

3. Record-breaking 14-hour Continuous Runtime via One 26650 Battery. Micro USB Power Port Allows Convenient Charging Through Direct Power Source with a USB Port.

4. One-step Precise Balancing. Unique Telescopic Arm with Detailed Scale Mark for precise fixing, Much Easier and More Accurate Balance Adjustment.

5. Aviation-Grade Aluminum, High-Precision CNC Machining, Military-Industrial Quality. 1/4" Threaded Hole at the Bottom. Direct Firmware Upgrade via APP ZY Play.


  • 14-hour Continuous Work Time.
  • Innovative Handwheel Control on Exposure Compensation/ISO/White Balance/Shutter Speed/Focus.
  • Convenient 5V/1000mA Power Output to Mobile and other external devices.
  • Supports Max. The payload of 260g(0.57lb) Allowing Multi-Spec Lens Add-ons.
  • 440g Ultra Light(Excluding battery) and Compact Construction.
  • 360° Rotation Along the Pan, 320°along the Tilt and Roll axes.
  • Two-Way Mobile Clamp for Easy Bi-Directional (Vertical and Horizontal) Mounting Switch.
  • Auto Object Tracking and Time-Lapse Capabilities with Multi-Style Filter Options.


1 * Smooth 3 Gimbal
1 * Micro USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Selfie Light
1 * Mini Tripod