Good Quality 200 pcs. Mix Size Black Fishing Swivels

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Want to prevent tangling your lures?

A Good Quality Carbon Steel 200 pcs. Mix Size Black Fishing Swivels is the best fit for that. You can choose from different sizes and have a confidence that your lure will have an extra weight and will not toggle easily. 

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Brand: Goture by GATISHOP
  • Electric or Not: Manual
  • With Ruler or Not: No
  • With Scale or Not: No
  • Position: River
  • Shape: ZX
  • Type: Swivel
  • Size: 2,4,6,8,12
  • Length: 37mm
  • Weight: 2.5g
  • Test Rally: 60kg
  • Category: barrel swivel
  • Quantity: 200pcs/lot
  • Material: Copper + Stainless Steel