Goture™ - 10BB KS Series Spinning Fishing Reel Double Drag Wheel Metal Spool Carp Reel 5.2:1

$109.99 $54.99

We've just sold 250 Goture™ - 11BB Double Brake Carp Fishing Feeder Spinning Reel 5.2:1 5000/6000 Series in our first week. Regular $109.99. Only $54.99 50% OFF while supplies last.


Size: KS-50 
Ball bearings: 9+1 
Gear ratio: 5.2:1 
Line capacity (mm/m): 0.28/270, 0.33/200, 0.35/180 
Line capacity (lb/yd): 11/295, 14/220, 15/200
Item weight: 489g 

Size: KS-60 
Ball bearings: 9+1 
Gear ratio: 5.2:1 
Line capacity (mm/m): 0.28/300, 0.35/220, 0.40/200 
Line capacity (lb/yd): 11/330, 15/240, 20/220 
Item weight: 519g 


  • 9 +1 gapless bearings with gear ratio of 5.2:1 deliver super smooth performance. 
  • The reel have double drag system,fishermen can adjust drag force according to the actual situation. 
  • Aluminum spool with high-tensile gear the fishing reels are Strenth and durable, suitable for all kinds of fishing . 
  • With sealing ring friction system, the line of outset is extremely smooth .make the line releasing smooth without noise.
  • The reel both left and right handed,the handle is suitable for right and left handed people.
  • The lengthened main body design,the appearance of avant-garde.

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