New 2017 Anti Fog Full Face Diving Mask

$99.99 $49.99

We've just sold 500+ New 2017 Anti Fog Full Face Diving Mask  in our first week. Regular $99.99. Only $49.99 50% OFF while supplies last.

Main Features:

  • Dual Airflow Anti-Fog Technology - The Dual Airflow Technology Can Help You to Breathe Naturally as On Land. And Breathing Slowly Through Your Nose Helps Reduce Chances of Fogging.

  • Sealed - The Dry Top System Will Prevent Water from Entering the Mask Through the Snorkel Tube.
  • Built-In Ear Plugs 
  • Drain Valve - When Water Entering the Mask, You Just Need to Raise Your Head,The Water Will Flow Out From The Drain Valve.
  • Full Face 180 Degree Field Of Vision,Unprecedented Visual Experience
  • Medical Silicone, Soft, Durable, No Odor, Safety for Your Scuba
  • With Gopro Mount - Install Waterproof Sports Camera(Gopro) for Diving and Swimming, You Can Easily Attach Your Gopro Camera for Underwater Shots
  • Easy to Use - Easy Dressing,Adjustable Elasticated Textile Strap That Does Not Pull Your Hair Out

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